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Guitar Repair – Ibanez Barrel Jack Replacement

Guitar Repair Tips First a disclaimer. Obviously, we are not professional luthiers. We do not take responsibility for any damages you may inflict on your instrument or yourself. Please make sure to use common sense and take any safety precautions that may be necessary to perform a job like this guitar repair job. This video […]

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Colorado Springs Metal Band Seeking Musicians

Colorado Springs Metal Band Seeking Musicians – Drummer and Bassist TimeScar, a Colorado Springs based Metal act is seeking talented musicians. They are a dual fronted metal act that prides themselves on a unique sound and immersive compositions. Seeking Colorado Springs Area Musicians That Play: Drums (double bass required, jazz experience would be a plus) […]

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Hot Ones Inspired Wings Challenge

TimeScar Takes On the Hot Ones Challenge Check out our take on the Hot Ones challenge. We do a Hot Ones inspired wing flight that’s rock and metal trivia style.    Take the quiz on your own or along with the video! The Sauces We went from mild to spicy using a variety of sauces […]

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One Chip Challenge

Paqui One Chip Challenge

Paqui One Chip Challenge Watch the progressive metal band TimeScar take on the Paqui One Chip Challenge on our YouTube channel. Subscribe and comment for more! Why did we do the one chip challenge? I think we really wanted to give our YouTube channel a boost. Being in a band in 2020 is a little […]

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Metal Bands 2020

Top 5 Metal Bands To Follow and Listen To 2020

I figured I’d start doing some lists of metal bands to follow and listen for 2020. With COVID killing live acts and doing away with our normal lives, I think we should all be giving metal bands or just bands in general more attention. Now, these somewhat progressive metal bands may have been around for […]

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Metal band Member Changes

TimeScar Metal Band Member Changes

Let’s talk about our metal band member changes. I know we don’t really have people looking at the site and there’s isn’t much reason to keep adding posts. Especially, since we took our first single down due to some line up changes (more on that below).  I do want content on here for anyone interested […]

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