Metal band Member Changes

TimeScar Metal Band Member Changes

Let’s talk about our metal band member changes. I know we don’t really have people looking at the site and there’s isn’t much reason to keep adding posts. Especially, since we took our first single down due to some line up changes (more on that below).  I do want content on here for anyone interested in the journey to wherever this project may lead to, if anywhere.

As of late we had to mutually part ways without our talented bassist, Nick Benning. We simply couldn’t make things work with his move to Denver for work. That being said, we are in the market for a dedicated bassist and drummer in the Colorado Springs area. If you are dedicated, have a set and can play metal, let’s chat.

Plans Moving Forward

The plan is to finish some new music with the core trio of TimeScar (Stan, Scarlett, and Brett). Right now, we are pretty much done with one of our songs Portal from guitars to vocals. We are about half way through guitars for Crux. We’re working on a new song called Ouroboros which we have half the main structure and some guitar recorded for. Lastly, we’re working on base ideas for older song ideas like Kharon (The Ferryman) or Nearer as additional releases.

Some Bad News

With the COVID stuff going on, and the news that someone close was tested positive for it, we are taking a brief in person break from the band. We’re still working on stuff on our own but we won’t get back to in person rehearsals and recording until late May early June. Then the plan is to hit everything hard.

Thanks for reading and stay safe out there.

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