Our Progressive Metal Band NEWS:

Our song "Nearer" will be released soon!

TimeScar YouTube Channel - Hot Ones challenge

Nearer is being mixed and mastered by the one and only Mattias Ohlsson of

and is set to release in the next few weeks.

For now, you can check out our current songs (Unfortunately these haven't been mixed by Mattias...... Maybe soon.)!


We'll be taking on a version of the Hot Ones challenge with a twist. We're going to be trying to answer metal trivia while eating hot wings. A preview of the sauces we'll be using is coming soon. We even got a hold of The Last Dab APOLLO just for this video.


Looking for members

We have played with some incredibly talented musicians recently but no one that has fit exactly what we're looking for. Do you play an instrument or know someone who does in the Colorado Springs area? Send them our way!

Moving Forward

The plan is to release a song every few months until we have a solid line up.

Upcoming Releases

Concept Stage

  • Nearer (production phase - mixing and mastering being done by Mo Metal Productions)
  • The Well
  • Ouroborus (nearly finished with guitar tracking)
  • Ichor

  • DIM
  • Repute
  • Kharon
  • Dissolve
  • Darkest Keep

In the beginning

TimeScar was formed in 2018 by Brett “Landon Barnacles” and Scarlett. Later we were joined by Stan “Stanstlevania” which solidified the foundation of our project.

Less recently

It was rocky at the start. For a while there we had a pretty solid member base. Due to location and personal reasons we parted ways with our drummer and bassist. Right now we are trying out some new blood.

TimeScar Lineup

  • Brett (Landon Barnacles)

    Guitars - Vocals

  • Scarlett


  • Stan (Stanstlevania)