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Watch the gang take on some of the hottest wings available while trying to answer rock and metal inspired trivia questions.

On the TimeScar YouTube channel you’ll find the latest info on the band as well as music, tutorials, food challenges, and more!

Stay tuned for band member series such as ISMs with Barnacles, Ze Scales with Stanstlevania, music reactions and more!

Want to test your metal and rock knowledge? Click the button to play the trivia along with the video!

Test your rock and metal knowledge!

Who is TimeScar

TimeScar is a metal band  focused on melodic music, heavy songs, and a unique sound. We like to think our music falls in a certain sub-genre of metal we lovingly call “ALLOY”. We’re not like a lot of other bands from both a sound and project standpoint. 

Inspired by many domestic and Nordic area metal bands, our goal is to create the best possible music and entertainment we can.  We say “entertainment” because bands can’t really make money off just doing music anymore. That’s why we are not only releasing our music but plan on continuing to create several types of series and content to live on the TimeScar YouTube channel as well as other streaming platforms. Like you may have seen with the band vs food challenges. Hopefully, if we have any measure of success with our journey it can be either entertaining or help others trying to do something with music.

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