• Melodic Progressive Metal Band

    New Songs Coming Soon! We are working on at least 3 if not 4 songs.

TimeScar NEWS:

New Music Coming Soon!

A 2-4 song release will be available shortly on the website, Spotify, and various other platforms.

Our Story (in no specific order)

Most Recently

We feel we have a handle on our recording process and we're at least capable of releasing somewhat well mixed songs on our own. With COVID seemingly killing the live music scene for most acts, live shows aren't really a thing so it's a good time for us to focus on recording.

We are about 2 ½ songs into the recording process and the feedback from friends is good so far. Will we get an award for recording, mixing, and mastering? Probably not. Do they sound good for recording on lower to mid-tier equipment, we think so.

Moving Forward

We will be working on releasing material, preparing for shows (when that becomes an option), and connecting with the metal community. If you are in a band and like what you hear, please contact us, we'd love to do a show with you.

In the beginning,

TimeScar was formed in 2018 by Brett (Landon Barnacles) and Scarlett. Later we were joined by Stan which solidified the foundation of our project.

Less recently

It was rocky at the start. For a while there we had a pretty solid member base. Due to locaiton and personal reasons we parted ways with our drummer and bassist. Right now we are trying out some new blood and so far the talent pool seems to have improved here in the Springs.

Either location, life, or music wise there just hasn't been that match. Since our songs aren't what you would call easy to play (they aren't like super advanced either), working with new talent and getting people accustomed to our work and play style has taken its toll on us and a lot of time.

We’re at a place where we feel that letting the right members fall into place is the best next step. I’m sure we could keep looking, but forcing it hasn’t worked so far

The Band

  • Brett (Landon Barnacles)

    Guitars - Vocals - Compositions - Lyrics - Engineering

  • Scarlett

    Vocals - Compositions - Lyrics - Engineering

  • Stan (Stanstlevania)

    Guitars - Compositions - Engineering