TimeScar Update


Barnacles and crew here with a TimeScar update

First, I’m sorry that you are so bored that you are reading my vomitous thoughts on a screen. For you, I will try to make this entertaining and slightly offensive. If that’s not your jam, please go to Train’s website. I can’t attest to this, but I hear they are rocking fun. That’s not what we do here, so consider yourself warned.

Train Band Fan

Plans for TimeScar 2022

Currently, we are in the process of working on a self-produced video and co-produced song called, “Insomnia”. We are also recording / producing 4-5 new songs that we plan to release in regular intervals. Although, we want to get them fully produced, we are toying with the idea of releasing a bunch of songs as best as we can in house and following up with production down the line. The down the line production may either be of the songs we are planning on releasing or brand-new material.

TimeScar Release Schedule:

Officially Planned Releases subject to change. We would like to get things out sooner if we can but we want to respect our schedules,


Song & Accompanying Video – By Mid-August 2022 (the goal is to release by EOM July 2022, but we have to deal with scheduling, licensing, and such) Ouroboros

Song & Possibly Accompanying Video- Mid Sept 2022

Songs in The Works

‘Merica (Cover from the Team America: World Police movie) – tentative release window Q3/4 2022

Iron Horse

Song – tentative release window Q3/4 2022

If there is interest in this type of written schedule in the future, I may keep posting these. Videos may accompany songs in varying degrees of quality. Especially, if the Insomnia video does well.

Our Approach We understand that the way we are doing things is a little different. We aren’t trying to do a bunch of shows or get signed or anything. We would love this to be something we can make a living at but for now, we just want to make some entertainment that we think is cool and we have fun producing. The Insomnia video has been REALLY fun to make. Although, it hasn’t been easy. The idea of doing things differently as we attempt to break into the music community is paramount for us. Like our music style, our approach is different as well. It might not be the right approach, but it feels a lot more natural than the conventional thinking of a lot of bands I have met who are trying to be successful. It seems like the business plan for many bands is as follows:

Phase 1: Do live shows

Phase 2: Get discovered because we’re so cool.

“Aren’t we so cool?”

“Yes Jimmy, your band is so cool. Now go brush your teeth and get ready for night night.”

Phase 3: Record an album and live in a gold-plated mansion next to Lars Ulrich.

Or, something along those lines. This seemed to work for musicians last century. However, after COVID and entering 2022, it doesn’t seem like a viable way to get a band out there. Seeing the popularity of TikTok has made me question everything about everyone’s sanity, so I don’t think bands can rest on a plan of regularly scheduled shows and recording albums anymore. You might be better off with this plan:

Phase 1: Collect underpants

Phase 2: ?

Phase 3: Profit

This might make more sense than a lot of other musician business plans. Shows? For now, there aren’t any immediate plans for shows. If an opportunity presents itself, we may start doing something live. Our focus will probably remain set on the following:
  1. steadily release songs
  2. get feedback on our releases so we can progress forward making music and videos that we would want to hear and see while taking constructive feedback to improve our efforts
  3. be creative with this as an outlet more than a means to an end for making money.
Merch & Recent Support We recently had some requests for new merch and people bought a few things, so thank you so much for supporting the band! Instead of relying on people for listens, we’d prefer you get something nice that you’d want to wear like a shirt or hat to support our efforts. We are going through and trying to test as much merch as we can but we have a lot so please let us know if you experience any issues with your shirts, hats, or other merch. YouTube Videos We want to make more videos like the wing and chip challenge. We just want to do some more music focused production before we get back into those. When schedules allow and if interest peaks for anything like that again, we’ll do our best to get more of these experimental shows out there. If you have suggestion for merch or videos please let us know or message us on your favorite social media platform.

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