Rock & Metal Trivia 2021 - TimeScar Takes On the Hot Ones Challenge

Test your metal and rock knowledge by taking the quiz below with us.


Rock and Metal Trivia

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What was arguably the first metal band in existence?

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Who fronts the band Unleash The Archers?

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Which member of Iron Maiden is an airplane pilot?

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What band wrote the song, “Cum On Feel The Noize”?

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Who is the current drummer for the band Soilwork?

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Jerry Cantrell helped write a song with Alice in Chains that was inspired by his father and his time during the Vietnam war. What song was it?

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Which arm did Def Leppard drummer Richard John Cyril Allen lose?

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What is the name of Dark Tranquility’s 2020 Album ?

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In the early 80’s, Megadeth’s Dave Mustaine, who at the time was a member of Metallica, wrote a song titled’ Mechanix’ After Mustaine was fired from the band, the other members of Metallica changed the title of lyrics of the song and recorded it for the Kill Em All album. What was the title of Metallica’s modified version of ‘Mechanix’?

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Which of these guitarists played for Ozzy after Randy Rhoads and before Zakk Wylde?

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What Black Sabbath song did ‘Faith No More’ cover on their album, ‘The Real Thing’

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Who Is This? – Open Link in New Tab

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Who’s Significant other is this? ( Hint: This dudes Doyle Wolfgang von Frankenstein from the misfits)

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What famous band on May 11, 1974 – attended an Elvis Presley concert where Elvis Presley stopped in the middle of a song and told his band that they had to redo the song because of this famous band that was in the audience?

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What rock musicians have been on Hot Ones? This question has multiple answers.

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What is the name of the band Killswitch Engage’s first Album?

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What famous singer was expelled from a prestigious boarding school for urinating in the Headmaster’s dinner?

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On the Adult Swim serious Metalocalypse, Nathan Explosion says “__________ is healthy. It’s mostly water. And we’re mostly water. Therefore, we are __________.”

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Which of these bands has a full Symphony Album ?

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Iron Maiden was formed on what famous holiday?

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In 2012 Randy Blythe from Lamb of God was arrested in the czech republic, what was the charge?

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According to Wikipedia how many Genres of Metal Music are there?

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What Canadian metal band sings about screwing someone with a fish?

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What comedian was featured on Tool’s Aenima?

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What Metal band did Pop Star/Fashion Designer Rihanna describe as her Favorite Metal band in a 2019 interview?

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What is the third song on Metallica’s album, ‘Ride the Lightning’?

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South Park creator Trey Parker performed the song called “I am Chewbacca” as part of the band:

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Who was the co-founder and first Female vocalist of the band Nightwish?

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Who is the first keyboardist and one of the founding members of Dream Theater?

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Some members of Korn and Orgy were originally in what bands?

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How many Studio Metallica Albums are there?

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The American rock group Alterbridge was formed after the collapse of another famous rock group, which one?

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The Evanescence song “Wake Me Up” featured Paul McCoy who was the lead singer of _________ Stones?

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What was Alissa White-Gluz (Gl-uh-zz) former band called before Arch Enemy?

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In the movie ‘I am Legend’ with Will Smith, what famous singer was the voice for the screams for the Zombies

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According to Wikipedia what other instrument did Maynard from Tool play in a band called the TexA.N.S.

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In 2021, how many members in the band Evanescence are Original members?

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On Michael Jackson’s hit song ‘Beat It’ what guitarist and drummer were credited?

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What band originally performed the current Tool song “Sober”?

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What are the names of all the members in the band Korn?

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In the movie Ace Ventura Pet Detective, Jim Carey ends up on stage with which Death Metal band?

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How did the singer of Drowning Pool die?

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Where specifically was the band Korn formed?

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What famous guitarist lost the tips of 2 fingers in a factory accident?

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What star used to perform with P.O.D.

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What was the name of the band Black Sabbath before it was named Black Sabbath?

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Dimebag Daryl was asked to be the guitarist in a very popular metal band. He turned the position down when he was told he couldn’t bring his brother into the band. What famous band wanted Dimebag and not Vinny?

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Aside from Chewbacca what was the most likely cause of Kurt Cobain’s death?

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What band do non-metal fans think all metal music sounds like

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Want to play along? The questions are in the same order as the video.

Watch TimeScar take on a Hot Ones inspired challenge. With a rock and metal trivia twist.

The Sauces

We went from mild to spicy using a variety of sauces from Hot Ones (aside from Truff). We wanted to create a nice spicy wing tasting experience to complement our rock and metal trivia.

The Last Dab | APOLLO2,000,000
Hellfire | Fear This679,000
Da’Bomb Beyond Insanity135,600
Torchbearer | Garlic Reaper Sauce116,000
High River Sauces | Cheeba Gold25,300
Popp Sauce | Paddy O’s Potion8,800
Heartbeat Hot Sauce | Habanero4,000
Angry Goat | Hippy Dippy Green2,300

According to Aside from Truff which we used the ratings from

Angry Goat

This sauce was really good on the wings. It had a kind of sweet flavor but didn’t really have of a punch at all.


My personal addition to the challenge. I was introduced to this by a good friend who shares similar tastes and I couldn’t resist adding it to the lineup. It’s a slightly sweet, earthy, and mildly spicy sauce.


In general, a great and versatile sauce. It’s not my favorite but I would buy it again.

Paddy O’s Potion

A favorite among the band and our friends. It has a very unique flavor I think you need to taste to understand.


I am very fond of scotch bonnets so the flavor for me was on point. Another favorite of the group probably because it blended flavors so well.


This is where we started to feel a little bit of heat but the sauce still had quite a bit of flavor as well.

Da Bomb

“Da’ Bomb is not the bomb” is I think the best description from the video. This purpose of this sauce seems to be if you wanted to be “that person” who’s only personality trait is messing with others. Probably one of the reasons it’s been on Hot Ones so long.


Although still not a really fun sauce, it still had quite a bit of flavor. Although very spicy I feel like this has a purpose other than just being spicy.

Hot Ones – Last Dab Apollo

Probably one of the best sauces for the lineup. Reason being, it was perfect for a wing challenge. Spicy enough to be a real challenge but flavorful enough to fulfill it’s purpose as a sauce you would actually use.

Hot Ones Wing ChallengeThe Wings

For the chicken wings we used Bdubs because we didn’t want to cook.

We ordered them extra crispy, and they were exactly what you’d expect…… Cold since they had been sitting out for a while.

Veggie / Vegan(ish) Gluten Free Wings

The vegan(ish) wings were homemade and turned out pretty good. I’m calling them vegan(ish) because they contained eggs.

I don’t think they will win any awards but I wouldn’t be opposed to making or eating them again.

Here’s a quick breakdown of what I did. I cooked some Gardein Meatless Ground (because it was the only gluten free option we had locally available) and mixed it with ground psyllium husk, xanthan gum, veggie stock, eggs, avocado oil, and seasonings.

If there’s any interest in the recipe please leave a comment on the video and I’m happy to share a basic run down of what I did.

For more spicy challenges, check out our Paqui Chip Challenge blog and video.

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