One Chip Challenge

Paqui One Chip Challenge

Paqui One Chip Challenge

Watch the progressive metal band TimeScar take on the Paqui One Chip Challenge on our YouTube channel. Subscribe and comment for more!

Why did we do the one chip challenge?

I think we really wanted to give our YouTube channel a boost. Being in a band in 2020 is a little rough. Can’t play shows, can’t see shows, and about to go crazy. So, we are trying to create other ways of entertaining people via our YouTube channel and other platforms. Music comes first but if we can also have a channel where we can have fun, that’s a huge plus.

One Chip Challenge

What was the one chip challenge like?

Well, picture that your tongue and face are being smashed out by a gold brick wrapped with reapers.

We all got hit by the spice but Stan seemingly avoided the gut bomb. If you plan on doing this challenge the worst part for me (Landon Barnacles), was the gut bomb. The spice and dripping face were tolerable. I just didn’t want to have that chip come back up. A steady stream of milk helped a lot and I think it’s a good idea to have something like that on hand.

This was not easy. If you like spicy food I think even this chip will be at least a slight challenge.

Here’s a breakdown of how things went.


it seemed like it wasn’t going to be that hard.

30 seconds in

I really couldn’t focus on anything but the spice. It wasn’t unbearable, it just took all of my attention.

After about a minute

The dripping began. Both from me nose and eyes.

Be careful! If you try this challenge make sure to have something on hand to wipe your face with. DO NOT TOUCH YOUR EYES OR FACE.

Should I try this challenge?

If you are planning on making a video or want to mess with your friends, I would recommend it. However, if you’re just trying this chip for funsies on your own, I wouldn’t recommend you do that. Especially, if you have any stomach issues.

I didn’t have any real issues the next day or after the spice wore off. It took about 3 hours until I felt completely normal. If you had a different experience, visit our YouTube page and leave a comment on our One Chip Challenge video.

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