Who is TimeScar?

We are a progressive/melodic metal band based in Colorado Springs. There have been a lot of opportunities we’ve had to pass up recently so we’d really like to fill out our line up.


  • Brett “Landon Barnacles” Vocals – Guitars
  • Tracy “Scarlett” – Vocals – Bass
  • Stan “Stanstlevania” – Guitars

TimeScar was founded by Brett and Scarlett in mid-2018 and later joined by Stan in 2019. For most of 2019 we had a solid line up and were planning for shows and the studio. With some of our members living quite far away, we eventually had to part ways with our drummer and bassist. During COVID, we decided to work on some basic releases. Now, we want to work toward hitting the local and national scene.

What are we looking for? We want someone who is dedicated to growing and already has a decent understanding of music. We don’t need virtuosos (but if you are, let’s chat). We do need people dedicated to the band and learning the material.

Mainly what we need right now is a drummer. We would also be interested in finding a keyboardist and a violinist.


We like to joke around with subjects you would likely see on South Park and Rick & Morty. If you’re easily offended or have strong political / religious views, we might not be the band for you. However, if you do have strong views but can accept other points of view, you’ll get along with us just fine.


We already have a Facebook, Instagram, & YouTube channel with a decent following and plan to expand into other avenues that aren’t just music. We are working with a great producer right now and once shows are an option, we’ll plan those as well.

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