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Welcome to the TimeScar website.


With everything going on and the mutual parting of ways with Nick our bassist, we have decided to take the single Ichor down. We are currently working on another round of tracks that will be released as soon as possible.

Who is TimeScar

Based out of Colorado Springs, CO. since early 2018, TimeScar is a progressive/melodic metal band featuring both female and male lead vocals, interesting song compositions, and heavy, emotionally driven leads.  We create our music with the intent that it will captivate you. It’s also good for gaming background music, listening in the car, or during a workout.

The lineup:

Cyrillicide – Vocals – Guitar
Compositions – Lyrics – Studio Production – Audio Engineering – Website – Art & Graphic Design – Marketing Manager – Booking Agent

Scarlett – Vocals
Lyrics – Audio Engineering – Social Media Marketing Manager – Booking Agent

Stanstlevania – Guitar
Compositions – Audio Engineering

Why Progressive Metal as The Genre?

We don’t want to really be labeled as anything really. If at some point we decide we want to do k-pop, classical, gangsta’ rap, show tunes, swing, or a combination of all those things in one, that’s what we’re going to do, what makes us happy. I doubt that will ever happen but just sayin’. I’d say that the best description of our band at this point is probably progressive metal of some kind.

There are a lot of bands out there and we don’t just want to be another djent or hardcore metal ripoff band. We want to provide a unique and fresh perspective on modern progressive metal music.

Our Music Mission

We want our music to be as available as possible to you, the listener. Without you hearing about how we as artists aren’t properly compensated for our efforts.

Thanks for reading and stay tuned for more!